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Optimal Skin ProSerum


Intense nourishment for radiant skin

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An intensely nourishing serum to strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier and help even skin tone, while enhancing elasticity to help minimise the early signs of ageing. Echium Oil and Sunflower Concentrate replenish ceramides and omega oils, White Lupin helps smooth and firm while Turmeric brightens for beautifully radiant skin.


Restore luminosity with this 5-minute facial massage guide: 1. Warm a few drops in your palms and cup hands over face to inhale the aroma. 2. Place hands on both cheeks, then one hand on your forehead and one on your chin to apply the oil. 3. Slide hands up your décolleté and neck, then work in small circular movements through your cheeks and up to your hairline 4. Gently pinch along your jawline with your index fingers and thumbs 5. Starting at the inner brows, use your index fingers and thumbs to gently pinch along your brows. Then, using your ring finger, very lightly circle inwards under the eye from outer to inner corner 6. Using both middle fingers, crisscross in firm strokes up the centre of the forehead from the bridge of your nose to your hairline. Repeat a few times 7. Finally, using small circular movements, massage your forehead, working from the centre to your temples. Apply light pressure for a few seconds to each temple to ease tension.


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